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Light & Beauty for the spaces we live in!

Hand Poured Candles

Making candles since 2008

Making a candle is like taking a journey, there are peaks and valleys, failures and triumphs and when its all over hopefully you have reached the end. At Adair Ya we strive to make a beautiful and maximum scented candle. We use 100% soy wax with the very finest fragrances.  Our candles have only lead free paper wicks and we continually test and re-test our candles to ensure a perfect combination. The bottom line is a very fine candle indeed!  So get some scents, I dare ya

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Hand pouring since 2008

Private Labels & Custom Candles 

We can make your candle!

⦁Minimum order of 48
⦁Custom scents available
⦁Original art available
⦁Custom jars & colors available
⦁Custom Pottery/Ceramic Vessels Available
⦁Custom Packaging

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100% soy wax + maximum scent ratio + best fragrances = 1 great candle


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Adair Ya very fine candles are currently available for wholesale.  We have a minimum order of $500.00.  For more information contact Sara Adair.

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We take great pride in our originality, and craftsmanship.